What is your nickname in-game? :
What is so special about The Revived Knights? :
Why would you like to join us? :
Previous clans you joined/created :
Why should we accept you? :
Have you ever been banned (And why?) :
Do you have a discord account? Tell us your discord name if there is
Would you mind creating a forum account on minigames server if you haven't?
Post a screenshot of your stats:-
(2)i luv trk clans member cuz of they give a good teamwork.
(3)i like the way of love they give to everyone.
(4)no clan i joined or create.
(6)cuz of i am good and skilled player of MG.
(8)yes i have discord account my discord id name is Sheikh_Naveed#0692.
(9)i already have a account.

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